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How Brands Remain Relevant on Social Media

The online space and social media arena are part of a forever changing landscape with new technological developments always on the horizon. Brands are pushed to capitalise on vast audiences that are active on multiple platforms. The question is, how do brands remain relevant on social media in such an incredibly fast paced environment?

1. Be Sure You’re Flexible

A key part of creating relevant content is to stay on top of trending topics. There are various tools available in the online space to measure trends and to guide you in choosing what to focus on and what to share. It is important to create a social calendar a month in advance, but, with that it is vital that you remain flexible to change posts in order to include trending topics as they arise.

2. They Have To Feel It

There is a connection between how people feel about the content they engage with and how viral that content becomes. It goes without saying that positivity breeds more virality. Retweets and shares go hand in hand with happier content. Exceptions to this rule include the likes of politics and crime which stimulates the darker side of humans and the imagination. Be as positive as possible and in order to to conjure up emotions that make your target audience feel good. Focus on creating content where your audience is able to relate through life experience.

3. Always Be Authentic

Your social media content needs to reflect your brand’s values. Speak to your target audience in a way that sets you above your competitors while being as authentic as possible. It’s about being genuine and transparent when it comes to your social media content and activity. It is important to ensure the tone that you use when posting and interacting with your audience is never forced. You need to come across as confident and completely natural. Letting your persona shine through allows you to become more relatable to your audience.

4. Establish Your Influence

It is vital that as a brand you completely understand why it is that your audience is following you on social media. By doing this you are able to establish why your followers opt in to have your content appear in their feed and it presents the opportunity for you to capitalise on this. Once you understand your value with regards to your audience it puts you in the position where you are able to fully tailor your brand messaging and content to keep those followers engaged and your brand top of mind. Consider where your competition belongs and how you fit into that mix. Try and find a gap that you can fill and figure out how you can get your content to stand out. Find a unique angel and give your audience what they are not able to get anywhere else other than from you.

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