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A “Decade of Digital” Agency Project

A lot can happen in a decade. Did you know that in the last 10 years So Interactive has completed over 900 projects and assisted several companies to launch striking digital campaigns? So, to celebrate #ADecadeOfDigital we pulled out all the stops to create a microsite where digital comes to life as wells as an anniversary logo that incorporates our 10-year existence and current CI.

To celebrate the 10-year journey of So Interactive as a digital agency we wanted to bring digital to life by personifying the digital processes. This was achieved through the narrative created for our microsite which was segmented and rolled out as content over our social media platforms.

The microsite takes the user on a journey through engaging copy and edgy footage that focus on the senses and how they relate to the digital world. Sound was added to the site to enhance the user experience.

The art direction was inspired by everything digital; black glitter reiterates the endless amounts of data and the uncountable number of pixels that exist. The overall dark treatment represents the unknown of the digital world and the brand CI is alluded to in the model’s yellow eyes.

But if you are familiar with glitter, you will know that it gets in and on everything. Nompumelelo Mampholo was the beautiful model in our 10-year anniversary campaign. We covered her from head to toe in glitter and weeks after the shoot she still found glitter in her handbag.

Working on your own brand can be one of the hardest things to do but sometimes you need to ditch digital and return to ink on paper – although this was only one, but very fun, part of the process.

After roughly 75 logo options, 4 x 180-degree art direction reverts, infinite hours of planning and production, covering a girl in a kilogram of glitter, we are thrilled to invite you to step into our world and explore our 10-year anniversary project:


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