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Creating a seamless customer experience made living easy at Homii

What if you could manage your entire accommodation rental and city-living experience from your mobile phone? Find your space, scan and send lease documents, pay your utilities, manage your security – can’t it all be simple, seamless and integrated?

The answer is yes, and HOMii’s got your back. Your urban living experience has been united into one user-friendly mobile app that’s made all the odds and ends of finding and managing your accommodation not just accessible but, dare we say – fun.

HOMii approached So Interactive to assist with a UX strategy and a unique User Interface (UI) design for their mobile app. They were looking for something easy to use that people would constantly go back to.

Using our unique SoColab workshopping process we collaborated with the HOMii team to solve the key business challenges that they faced. We included the UX and UI for the recently launched website, and assisted with operational components for the app, which included integrating in-app payments for customers to pay rent and utilities, making it possible to upload KYC documents and take selfies for facial recognition entrance to their buildings. The interface came together seamlessly to offer an integrated experience where customers can do everything including report maintenance requests, add visitors, receive alerts before utilities run out and choose between co-living or solo-living options.

“They always keep in mind what is best for the customers,” said Riaan Backer, Head of Technology, HOMii Lifestyle. Our first objective was to create something simple and enjoyable for customers, from finding their place to tracking their finances, we wanted to create an experience that people felt supported throughout and inspired by.

It was a rewarding project that served both customer and company well. “Diving deep into the current challenges of the brand and working closely with stakeholders helped us build out a solution that directly impacted business revenue,” says Darren Mansour, Digital Director.

HOMii has taken the millennial South African accommodation market by storm in creating a solution that supports a lifestyle driven by technology. They have appealed to the commitment-phobe millennial generation by giving them what they want: No deposit, no credit checks, no lease, only ease. HOMii is more than an app that makes living-space admin easy, it’s a step into a world that creates freedom and accessibility through technology. For those in search of better living – there’s officially an app for that.

Check out www.homii.co.za for more details.

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