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31 July 2023

SCAM ALERT: Unlawful Activity Under the Alias “So Interactive”

Johannesburg, 31 July 2023 – So Interactive, a leading digital agency, issues a stern warning to the public regarding an ongoing scam under the guise of our reputable brand. It has come to our attention that individuals posing as “Kenneth Cunningham,” “Gloria Young,” “Keith Moore,” “Dan,” “Kaya,” “Mia,” and other aliases are engaging in fraudulent activities on various So Interactive digital platforms, including WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

These scammers are sending messages to innocent individuals, enticing them to join a YouTube subscription or similar scams with the promise of monetary gain. Additionally, they falsely claim to offer job opportunities at So Interactive, which is entirely untrue.

So Interactive will never engage in such practices and has a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of scamming or fraudulent behavior. Our official communications and job opportunities are always posted on our verified social media channels and official website.

We are deeply concerned about the well-being and safety of our community. Our top priority is to protect our clients, partners, and the general public from any harm caused by these malicious activities. We urge everyone who receives suspicious messages under our brand name to exercise extreme caution and refrain from engaging with these fraudulent accounts.

If you have been targeted by these scammers or have received any unsolicited communications in the name of So Interactive, we kindly request that you report such incidents to the appropriate authorities immediately. Please notify us of the situation as well, as we are actively investigating these fraudulent activities.

Stay vigilant, be cautious, and help us combat these scams. Together, we can safeguard our community from potential harm.

For further inquiries or information, please contact:

Darren Mansour


So Interactive

+27 10 599 0322


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