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Everyone’s Talking About Video – But Why?

Video is mobile friendly, easily consumable and quick to share – making it a great tool for sales and conversions. The rise of video is seemingly unstoppable, however it’s not failproof and should be carefully considered alongside your brand objectives.

Facebook loves video
Mark Zuckerburg says the future of Facebook will be mostly video, especially with the creation of platforms like IGTV and Facebook Watch – two of Facebook’s latest rollouts which are not only focused on video, but live video.

However, Facebook is known for making major changes to suit user trends and demands. Their recent algorithm changes have lead to a decrease in engagement in all organic content, with popular content engagement results across links, images and video all decreasing by more than 50% in the past year.

Data sourced from Buffer.

Despite video’s popularity, no content piece is safe from Facebook’s law of nature. For example, the latest data still shows that images, not video, are creating the highest amount of engagement on Facebook. Key to this insight is what Facebook defines as engagement. According to Facebook, post engagement includes all actions that people take involving your ads while they’re running. Post engagements can include actions such as reacting to, commenting on or sharing the ad, claiming an offer, viewing a photo or video, or clicking on a link. Images demand greater interaction than video, which is important to consider in your marketing strategy.

Defining your goals
With any social media strategy, the goal of your campaign is the most important factor to consider. Users will generally watch a video, share it or scroll on. Therefore, depending on the quality of your video content, it’s the best step forward for conversions and brand awareness. Leave the engagement posts to images.

Video isn’t failing, it is simply succeeding in some areas more than others. Even though images are outperforming video in terms of engagement, video remains the highest form of content that is most readily consumed, memorable and vital to increasing sales and brand awareness across platforms. A picture may be worth 1000 likes, but a video goes the distance.

by Altar Musodza, Social Media Manager at So Interactive

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