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The future of your enterprise solved


CUBE Engineered


November 2020


Brand Identity


So interactive was tasked to build a brand identity, from the ground up, for a new platform designed to future proof any business. The brand identity would flesh out into a strategy for launch, including social media and a website that could reflect the essence of this forward-thinking brand.


Future-proofing and business enterprise engineering are highly complex concepts. The client approached us with the idea of using a Rubik’s Cube across the brand. This needed to be incorporated while we simplified the essence of CUBE both linguistically and visually.


We reworked the idea of the Rubik’s Cube into a Chinese puzzle box which we felt reflected the intricacy of a complex business more accurately.

The future of your enterprise solved


We developed a concept around the cube that the client based their name on. After a collaborative process including two SoColab workshops with our client, we drew up an isometric grid to create a 3D cube made up from individual parts. Each side of the cube split into 6 parts to represent the 3D nature of a complex business structure which we personified with business enterprise attributes, pulling it through the new website and strategic positioning.

We reworked, brightened and created depth and 3D vibrancy for the existing logo and brand colours. We then created a language in line with our 3D cube that demonstrated the essence of the enterprise in a simple, approachable way while maintaining an informed and tech driven edge that inspires confidence. Information, technology and collaboration are what will future-proof your business. That, and a little twist of the cube.

CUBE Engineered


CUBE Engineered plugs into the heart of your business and opens it up, bit by bit. Finding what’s working, what’s not working. Who’s doing what, when and how. What’s making money, and what’s draining it.

And we stay there at the core of your enterprise, while all the pieces move around us, feeding us info. Learning, optimising and future-proofing.

​​Because at the end of the day, it’s information that’s key to turning your enterprise into one that can withstand an ever-changing future. And, it’s you who has the final say on how it’s achieved.

You are the one who has to make the final move, place the masterpiece and make that final twist of the cube.

So when you do so, make sure you have all the information you need to solve for your enterprise’s success.


Brand Positioning


Brand Identity



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