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June 2020


Visual Identity


We were tasked with developing branding for Ethos, an interior online store. Quality, transparency, and passion are what make this brand distinct from the intense competition in this category and we needed to communicate this. 


Ethos is a new-to-market brand and e-commerce store in a saturated category with big competitors. Ethos also falls into a niche market based on cost factors. 



The brand identity had to communicate product value, the constantly expanding product range, and brand passion with an immense focus on customer service across all channels in a distinctly beautiful way which represents the distinct beauty of the products offered.


Logo Development & Design


In a coffee shop tucked away from the hustle and bustle, I’d ask about your family, your friends, and I’d love the ideas you share when you tell me about your makeover for the lounge or how you plan to get the most out of your loft when you turn it into a cozy den.

I don’t believe that ‘exclusive’ should mean ‘elite’. I do believe that the way you select and curate the things I offer, allows you to celebrate who you are: uniquely you — because that is truly bespoke. I appreciate the qualities of natural materials, and the lasting style of products inspired by nature. And because I embody this when I curate unique aesthetics with a sense of pride, you trust me to help you do these things for you, too.

Warm, comfortable authenticity is where we connect.


Visual Identity

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