Case study

Logitech McLaren G Challenge


Logitech G


July - October 2021


Awareness Campaign


South Africa was invited to compete in the Logitech McLaren G Challenge for the first time in 2021. We were briefed to create excitement and drive entries and participation for this exciting tournament to ensure another invitation to this and more events in 2022.


The G Challenge is a well known international racing event that blurs the boundaries between the gaming world and the real world with the help of Logitech G products. We needed to make the games accessible to participants of all levels.


We got to know what made our target audience tick and focussed our strategy on the ultimate immersive experience which placed equal importance on imagery, sound, feel and that ultimate adrenaline boost.

Anyone Can Race


We developed an interactive video driven campaign under the campaign line “Anyone Can Race”. The campaign championed inclusivity and used powerful racing-inspired imagery and sound to invite entrants to immerse themselves in the gaming experience, even if they didn’t necessarily have the tech or internet connection to play online.

The campaign championed Logitech G products, inviting gamers to try merchandise at live Wild Card Events across Gauteng. To drive engagement we asked gamers to share their best moments from the tournament because no matter your experience, everyone is united by wall crashes and lost connections. Just another reminder that anyone can race.






2.3 MImpressions
366 K Video plays
123 K Post engagements

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