the brief 

With the arrival of Cyber security month in October, SABRIC needed a campaign that would really pack a punch, cut through the noise on social media and make South Africans stronger in their fight against cyber crime.

the insight 

Cyber criminals will always find the path of least resistance, and password security remains a major soft spot. Alarming stats report that 2 in 5 people will have their passwords stolen and private accounts subsequently hacked.

the idea 

Pack a punch

the execution 

We developed a sassy password drill sergeant in the form of an interactive microsite where online users could test the strength of their password as well as get coached on how to create strong passwords – in real time. The best part is, users could watch a physical representation of how their weak passwords transformed into bone crushing thugs, strong enough to fight off Cyber crime. Once users had created a password that was strong enough, they could challenge a friend on social media to test their passwords too – thereby creating a fun cycle of shares and likes all carrying a very important underlying message of password safety.