Case study

Unifi Africa


Unifi Africa


April 2023


UX/UI Design


Unifi is a financial services company that provides fast, simple personal loans to formally employed people in Sub-Saharan Africa with branches in South Africa, offering online loan applications and in Zambia, Uganda, and Kenya, offering pre-qualification applications.


We needed to redesign the Unifi Africa website to enhance UX, boost conversions, and create a visually appealing, user-friendly platform aligned with their values of simplicity, trust, and unity.



We had to address key pain points that hindered customer conversions and had to find a way to effectively communicate Unifi’s unique selling points, such as instant payouts and ease of use. The redesign had to consider making the loan application form in South Africa more user-friendly and visually appealing, while redesigning prequalification applications for Zambia, Uganda, and Kenya, ensuring clarity about the need for branch visits to finalize applications.


Working closely with Unifi Africa, we conducted comprehensive persona research to shape a smooth user journey. This led to a unified main website with branch sub-sites for easy access. We enhanced the South African loan application form’s user-friendliness and clarity of prequalification applications in other regions like Zambia, Uganda, and Kenya, all while ensuring visual harmony with Unifi’s values.

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