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Ocean Basket


Ocean Basket


March 2022


UX/UI Website Design + Tech


As one of South Africa’s most loved and recognised seafood restaurant chains, Ocean Basket has been expanding globally as they take their incredible menu to new taste buds.


As is the case when expanding, a relook at the current website design is required. Ocean Basket briefed us to create an updated website UX and UI that would resonate with not only local, but also global audiences.


Knowing what works in so many different markets can somehow become like swimming upstream. This is why we had to do something a little different when it came to conceptualising a new UX and UI.

Now, when it came to the redesign, we had a number of challenges to tackle.

Firstly we needed to improve upon the current website experience for local and international markets seeing as our current content on the site and technology is really needed a refresh. Secondly, our mobile user journey needed an overhaul as it did not accommodate our on the go consumer. And thirdly, we needed to reframe value in the eyes of the consumer and explain the value proposition of Ocean Basket for people who know nothing of the brand.


Together with Ocean Basket local and global teams we schooled into workshops. We took some really deep dives and found out exactly what each market wants. From there we designed and built a delicious new website that’s rich with appetite appeal, felt modern and also made the experience user friendly. We also made sure we left no scale unturned, and delivered info such as allergens, delivery options, where to find the closest restaurant or even how to join the Ocean Basket working family.
But that’s not all we also developed site-specific iterations for Ocean Basket’s different markets such as Mauritius, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Eswatini, Botswana, Kenya, Russia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Malta, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait… but there was always one thing in common. A love for the freshest and best seafood around.

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