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The New Draco Group


November 2018


Brand Identity


The New Draco Group is a comprehensive construction and demolition company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The New Draco Group needed branding that would communicate their bold variety of services on offer.


Precision and trust are integral to large scale construction/demolition projects.


The brand identity had to be the perfect combination of corporate and construction in order to encapsulate the company’s long term goals, as well as express the power, strength and energy that The New Draco Group stands for. We chose to communicate the construction and demolition aspect of a project through borrowing parts of the O in the logo to create the R. Furthermore we framed the letters of the logo within a strong border to symbolise a building block as well as the all encompassing service menu that Draco offers.


Logo Development & Design


Logo Development & Design

Primary Blue


Hex: #032058
R-3 G-32 B-88
C-100 M-80 Y-0 K-50
Pantone 281C

Primary Orange

Hex: #eb5642
R-235 G-86 B-66
C-0 M-77 Y-73 K-0
Pantone 281C


Hex: #ffffff
R-255 G-255 B-255
C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-0
Pantone N/A

Secondary Blue: 50% Tint

Hex: #8190ac
R-129 G-144 B-172
C-55 M-38 Y-20 K-4
Pantone N/A


Corporate Identity

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