Pernod Ricard


November 2021 - January 2022


Social Media Content


Pernod Ricard saw an opportunity to uplift some of South Africa’s most seen, yet unnoticed working sectors, the Roadside Makers.


As the holder of some of the world’s finest alcohol brands, Pernod Ricard wanted to bring to life an initiative to uplift the Roadside Makers by creating free-to-use workshops for them and providing them with business classes to guide them on along the way. To help fund this initiative, Pernod Ricard launched unique festive packaging with gifts that give back to the buyers.


But how would we entice buyers to make a purchase and just as importantly, realise why they were doing so?


Phakamisa iSpirit – the gift that gives back concept was born. Through a 95% local investment, we brought to life the stories of two Makers who put their heart and soul into creating fine lifestyle goods. The content was shared through social media in different formats and our campaign garnered great viewership and earned media numbers, with 4,4 million video impressions, 340 000 engagements and R6 million of earned PR over the course of the campaign. But most importantly, the content helped to raise the funds needed to educate Makers and give them a place to create the great goods they do.

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6 Mof earned PR
4.4mil Video impressions

340K Post engagements

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