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AIG South Africa needed a retail driven solution to bring this global brand in line with the South African market. They needed to become recognisable as an individual insurance provider as opposed to a business underwriter in this market.



We needed to launch the brand to the individual consumer market, whilst driving leads for each of the individual product lines that were completely unknown to the local market. This American brand needed to be adapted to the South African market bearing the social, cultural and political climate in mind.



We focussed on clearly establishing a brand visual language specific to South Africa that also easily differentiated each product. We created a single brand statement for South Africa, focussing on primary decision makers in the home.


We delivered a visual identity focussed on our target market using a rich colour palette to solve both the branding and sales challenges, creating a consistent thread across communications.

We used the existing palette and assigned each product a key colour which would be anchored by the signature dark blue. Patterns were connected to unique communications conveying different dimensions of insight, progress and partnership – something uniquely AIG linking back to the company, its products and promises in a thematic way.

We moulded this visual identity to suit each South African product offering, defining a look and feel per product rather than across the brand as a whole. We refined and defined the local target market, designing strategic communications to deliver quality leads for each product without compromising the international feel of the overall brand. We pulled everything together with a single, bold brand statement that is unique to our market: There when it matters.


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