June 2023


Brand Assets Development


LiveWell, a comprehensive digital health and wellness platform, tasked us with extending the new app’s design into a unified visual communication style that would resonate across various channels, in alignment with their multichannel strategy.

Primary Challenge

How do we extend the existing UI elements of the LiveWell app to create cohesive branding that positions LiveWell as an industry leader and drives higher engagement, retention, and customer satisfaction levels?

Secondary Challenge

In addition, we were tasked with making the concept of wellness less daunting, aiming to demystify it and make it more approachable to a wider audience.


Our creative and messaging strategy encouraged a transformation in various aspects of individuals’ lives, encompassing physical, mental, financial, and social dimensions. We aimed to inspire people to adopt easily attainable and simple activities, emphasising their positive impact. Our collaborative visual narrative revolved around the theme of movement, encompassing not only the physical but also the mental, financial, and social dimensions of personal growth within the LiveWell journey.

Creative ASSETS

Social media


Showcasing movement

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