South Africa's favourite seafood chain was always ' your sole provider' but in 2015/16 decided to take time to craft a new tagline and reinvent itself.

The aim was to land the new tagline “Think of the Ocean - Think of Ocean Basket”- in the minds of the audience.

the brief  

Through all digital channels; garner maximum reach for the new Ocean Basket tagline – “Think of the Ocean - Think of Ocean Basket”.

the strategy 

Fully integrated digital campaign with short video segments that attract immediate interest. And for the first time, using YouTube advertising as the main driver supported by Facebook advertising.


With fifteen seconds to land the new phrase “Think of the Ocean - Think of Ocean Basket” the idea was to use silly and strange situations that relate to "think of the ocean", delivered quickly, creating a smile in the mind of the viewer. The whimsical nature showed off the slight craziness of the brand.