When it comes to delivering premium consulting and training content, LRMG Performance Agency leads the way. We made sure that their new website got this message across loud and clear.

the brief  

Redesign and develop the existing website to increase conversions of qualified leads, whilst maintaining the existing content with a scalability contingency worked into the design and Content Strategy.

the strategy 

Using a deep level Content Strategy we restructured the existing content into punchy content blocks based on LRMG's primary offerings. By using clean UX Design and aesthetics, our Content Strategy leads visitors' to the primary goal: "Contact LRMG for a consultation."


The creative organically grew from the Content Strategy and UX Design. The result is a very clean site, using white space effectively to focus attention on the business units and relevant information. A powerful balance of CI primary colours and iconography makes the site both easy to navigate and beautiful to behold.


The site is built using the ExpressionEngine CMS, which is highly robust and allows for the linking flexibility that our Content Strategy requires. All related content is linked together according to relevance to business units so that visitors can immediately read case studies, news articles and testimonials, without navigating away from the sales page. This means easy decision making and increases the likelihood of inquiries and conversions.


30% Increase in Traffic

45% Increase in Inquiries

5% Increase in Page Reads

Increased ease of navigation
Immediate increase in site stickiness
Successfully achieved client goals