The brand, Tafel Lite, was launched in 2016, and introduced to the Namibian market during the awareness phase.

the brief  

Support ATL and continue to build brand affinity amongst the target market of male beer drinking Namibians between the ages of 18 and 35.

the strategy 

A voting element was used in the app, because voting is perceived as more genuine by the Namibian target market. Brand new, aspirational content ran concurrently on social media platforms along with a competition element of a N$2000 cash prize for the winner.

The application offers the Tafel Lite community their own platform to generate content in line with the brand, which they can share on social media.


We gave the audience an easy-to-use app with highly guided, not overtly branded, aspirational images that ties in with the hip image of Tafel Lite.


The app was geared towards mobile, incorporated a voting system and the ability to publish to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.