the brief  

Ocean Basket were extending their sushi selection to include an exciting new range of Mediterrasian sushi, and needed a campaign that would reflect and emphasise the inventiveness of their new flavours.


The average time spent on social media content is just 3 seconds, however users spend much longer than that on content that offers them an experience of almost touching, tasting and feeling it.




We really wanted to get audiences to sit up and take notice of Ocean Basket's new Mediterrasian Sushi dishes. To do this we opted for the Facebook Canvas Ad format to create an immersive experience that welcomed audiences on an adventure into the detailed beauty of Mediterrasian sushi.


The Canvas ad included a combination of video food explosions and deconstructed art-direction on the still images where the textures and flavours of the med and of sushi were seen colliding in dramatic finesse. The result was a sensation of thumb-stopping content that celebrated the fusion of art and food in a tantalisingly seductive and delicious way.


A 19% increase in sales in over just two months of the launch, with a total reach of 2 million people averaging a dwell time of 20 sec.

the TVC  

Notice how the flavours of the med and Sushi collide to create thumb-stopping content never seen before.

the stills