The Live Outrageous alcohol brand, with its rainbow offering, has numerous fun possibilities for consumer engagement, So Interactive was briefed to generate an increased Facebook following and overall brand reach.

the brief  

Come up with a campaign that would challenge consumers to find out which Zappa colour matched their temperament best.

the strategy 

Utilise mobile for the most effective use of design, development, advertising and consumer engagement



The Zappa Dragon Challenge which blends the online personality quiz model with elements of fantasy trading cards, and an undercurrent of the good old fashioned drinking game, because let’s face it, everyone wants to live outrageous.


Developed for mobile, allowing for desktop device compatibility, but focusing more on the smartphone user market. As with the design, the tech is streamlined and effective, allowing for a slick and fun user experience across multiple devices. The app is also snuggly housed within the Facebook API, which serves well the objective of increasing the Zappa following.