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Technology has become a large part of our everyday lives. At So Interactive we thrive on creating relevant, engaging and interactive digital experiences that captivate our users. Our core business is strategy, visual design and technology with a full range of digital solutions.

Our strength comes from a tight-knit digital team that loves to problem solve, coming up with creative digital business solutions for our clients. Whether it is a website, mobile app or brand campaign we always conceptualise with the user in mind.

Being an independent digital agency, gives us the opportunity to build meaningful longterm relationships with our clients. This gives us a deeper understanding of their brand requirements and objectives, to help them grow and succeed online.

So Interactive is built on a smart methodology to combine strategy, creativity and technology bringing brands and people together. Our method is based on keeping the engagement process simple with highly measurable results.

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Darren completed his studies in Advertising and Design in 2002 specialising in Web Design. He started his career in traditional advertising and moved into digital, rapidly climbing the ladder by creating, learning, developing and implementing smart digital ideas.

He has always been an inventor with an open mind to opportunity and business. His true passions are design, motion graphics and code, so it was natural that he would build the foundation for a new business opportunity from these passions.

In 2004 Darren ran a part-time creative freelance business called Space Media, this was the beginning of So Interactive, he just didn't know it yet. Three years later in 2007, he officially founded So Interactive with a personal computer, desk, phone and an internet connection. From these humble beginnings he has built a digital creative agency that delivers innovative ideas on the most advanced web technology. Darren ensures high quality work and customer satisfaction is always at the heart of his team.