the brief  

So Interactive opened its doors over 10 years ago and needed a way to commemorate this milestone. 

the insight  

Due to the transformative power of digital technology our experience of physical reality has now been amplified and enhanced online. 

the idea  

A decade of digital


the execution  

To celebrate the 10-year journey of So Interactive, we created an interactive microsite that brought to life an immersive experience of digital through human anatomy. Our creative process used video, tech and motion to capture a glitter-covered body backdropped in darkness, with the aim of representing the infinity of data, pixels and the exciting potential of the “great digital unknown”. 

the results 

First South African Agency on AWWWARDS to be awarded the Mobile Excellence award. 

Honourable mention for Mobile excellence on AWWWARDS

7 800 new visitors 

Increased leads by 10%

experience digital come to life